Detailed Meth Assessment

Detailed Assessment

A Detailed Meth Assessment is a room-by-room or area-by-area type of testing that provides individual analysis per sample. This type of testing is required when a "Screening Assessment" has exceeded 1.5ug/sample - the maximum acceptable level of methamphetamine as set out by the New Zealand Standard - NZS 8510:2017. Firstly, samples are individually re-run as per the In-depth screening then a sampling plan is created concentrating on the individual areas exceeding 1.5ug/sample and agreed to by the client prior to further works being undertaken.

Each sample is collected using the NIOSH 9111 method of a methanol-soaked gauze sampling an area of 100cm2. Multiple samples are required per room/area and determined per 10m2. These are collected from different surface types to give you a complete overview of the property. This level of analysis, report interpretation and remedial recommendation is required by insurance companies and used by decontamination companies to scope the remedial work required to bring the property back to habitable levels.


  • Samples taken in every 10m2 in accordance with NZS8510:2017
  • The samples are analysed individually so you know which areas require remediation and to what extent. This also assists in the efficiency of the decontamination process.


  • An Increased number of sample analysis is required to gauge the spread of the contamination, increasing the laboratory cost.

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