Meth Detection Testing

Laboratory Composite testing is a form of meth detection testing and is the most accurate screening process offered on the current market reporting a true average of contamination as opposed to an indication only of Methamphetamine presence.

In a Laboratory Composite, a sample is collected from every room within a property, and sent an accredited laboratory individually for analysis. The laboratory will take an extraction from each test tube and combine them into a single analysis (maximum 10 samples per composite) The result is an average of all test tubes and also shows the combined total which indicates the worst-case level of contamination if in one location.


  • One sample taken in every “high use” area in accordance with NZS8510:2017
  • As the samples are all kept separate, if contamination is found they can be re-analysed individually to ascertain which sampling locations are contaminated.
  • NB: Re-analysis is an additional cost – In-depth Analysis service


  • As samples are taken and kept individually, the sample collection takes longer, and stricter cross-contamination practices must be enforced.

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