New Property Meth Testing


When looking to purchase real estate, the issue of methamphetamine can often be over looked due to lack of knowledge and/or being seen as an unnecessary cost which is why we offer a new property meth testing service.

To protect your family from any unknown harm, ensure that a meth test is carried out as part of your due diligence process before signing unconditionally to any property.

Inheriting a property with contamination can be stressful and costly to remediate.

Health issues associated with short-term and long-term exposure to Methamphetamine can be harmful to occupants of the property.

Resultz Group have sampled thousands of properties as part of the pre-purchase process for clients. Often methamphetamine is detected and exceeds the NZS8510 Standard of 1.5ug/sample in liveable spaces.

Detection doesn’t necessarily mean walking away from a much-wanted property deal.

It means being informed, getting further information to understand levels of contamination, understanding what the financial liability is and can the contamination be removed or minimised?

Resultz Group Meth testing services are compliant with NZS8510:2017. All certified technicians can offer you expert advice to guide you through the testing process and support you through the remediation process if required.