Rehabilitation Support Programme

Rehabilitation Agreement
  • Resultz Group to prepare Rehab agreement in communication with employer’s requirements
  • Signed by employer and employee outlining the terms of the rehabilitation programme and possible outcomes if the requirements are not met
Arrange support providers & a schedule (Resultz Group to action)
  • Connections made with appropriate service providers
  • Schedule made with employee for provider appointments
  • Negotiating further assessment, treatment or referral
  • Communication with service providers monitoring employee’s progress
Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Initial return to work test
  • Ongoing regular drug testing
Regular Reviews
  • Monthly progress reviews with employee
  • Negotiating further assessment, treatment, referral or follow up sessions
  • Assess effectiveness of current programme and adjust as necessary
  • Regular communication (email, text, phone call) to encourage, remind and support employee
  • Reports back to employer regarding current stage and progress