Training Workshops


Resultz Group workshops can help upskill all of your team members and bring everyone on the journey to creating a safe workplace.

Workshops are interactive and dynamic. Presenters use a non-judgemental approach and a range of techniques to engage with participants and encourage open discussion. Participants receive certificates and take-home material and resources.

Staff Q&A

Supports the introduction of Drug & Alcohol testing to your team in an approachable way to ensure employees are familiar with the reasons for testing and the drug testing procedure. This is an open forum with the opportunity for questions and discussion throughout. All staff can attend.

Effects of Drugs & Alcohol Workshop

Informative Session explaining the testing process, the different drug groups, the effects of these on the body and why testing is important in workplaces with more detail on the reasons for testing and the impact that drugs and alcohol can have in a workplace. Aimed at Businesses/Workplaces introducing Drug and Alcohol testing or refresher course for existing Drug testing programs. All staff can attend.

Secondary Schools & Gateway Workshop

An introduction to Drugs and alcohol and the effects that they have on the human body. This course covers an explanation on why we drug test in the workplace, a briefing on the Health and Safety at Work Act and the importance of maintaining a safe work environment. This informative session will leave you with a clear explanation of what you can expect of the testing process and the possible outcomes to expect if drugs are detected. An excellent course for Secondary school students and people entering the workforce.

Specialised Management Training

For Supervisors, team leaders, and managers we offer a workshop equipping them with the tools to confidently identify and deal with persons under the influence at work. This course allows you to be proactive and know how to deal with the situation and follow policy & process. It is aligned with Employment Law, Privacy Act and Human Rights Act. The course is taught as a step by step guide on drugs and their effects in the workplace, how to identify when drugs and alcohol may be having an effect in the workplace and how to manage a situation if it should arise as well as what to do if someone fails and how to manage that situation. This is an interactive course with training booklets and reference material.
Equip management with the skills and knowledge to confidently identify, address and deal with drug and alcohol issues in the workplace.